How to start a knit seam

It is great to hear your positive feedback about the "Sewing with Knits Beginner's Guide". Keep at it :)

A customer was asking me the other day how to start a knit seam without the needle poking through the fabric in the throat plate and bunching it up? 

It is frustrating when this happens, and it happens with knits quite a bit.

Zingara Organic Fabrics Blog How to start a knit seam sewing with knits beginners guide

But do not worry, there is a handy little trick to start a knit seam smoothly without the machine "eating it up".

  1. Take a tiny scrap of knit fabric. 
  2. Fold it in half to make it a bit thicker. 
  3. Place that piece slightly behind your presser foot but in a way that the needle will catch it when you start stitching. 
  4. Place your actual piece of fabric just in front of it. 
  5. That way, your feed dogs will grab the thicker scrap first and transport it through easily. 
  6. The actual fabric gets transported smoother because the feed dogs are already in motion after a couple of stitches. 
  7. It also helps to dial down the tension, to say 2, to start with and dial it up again once you are stitching.
  8. When you finish your seam, you can just clip off the scrap piece, it will not be attached to your actual fabric.

I hope you find this helpful, happy sewing everyone!